Anti-Aging Skin CarePeels

Dark Spots / Aging Spots

Here are my go-to solutions for evening out skin tone and getting rid of aging spots:

Chemical Peels – If you haven’t done a chemical peel before, start with a Jessner peel and work your way up to TCA peels. I’m also a fan of Mandelic peels and the Advanced Corrective peel. Peels will fade and even out skin tone. Expect to need 3-6 treatments or more to get the results you are looking for, depending on the extent of damage to your skin.

IPL or PhotoFacial – Photofacials are great for pulling pigment to the surface of your skin and then that pigment flakes off over the next few days. Just be careful to avoid the sun during the recovery time. Also, during that recovery time, make sure to use a good antioxidant to keep the pigment from coming back. You may need 1-3 treatments to get the results you need.

Antioxidant – You’ll be amazed at the improvement you can see in reduction of aging spots and evening out skin by just using a quality antioxidant on your face daily. Visit my antioxidant page to see the products I like and recommend.