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What Do Topical antioxidants do & why is it so important to use them every day? Vitamin C and its various forms and combinations with other skin nutrients are some of the most potent antioxidants, protecting against and reversing skin damage from the sun. This is well established in the scientific community. What Do AntiOxidants […]

Chemical Peels

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My Experience With Chemical PeelsI have been doing chemical peels on my face and neck (and even arms & legs, occasionally) every 4-8 weeks for about 3-4 years. The results for me have been predictably wonderful. I have tried superficial, mild peels and VERY aggressive peels that had me hiding from the sun for a […]

Hair Loss & Thinning

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One of the other downsides of aging is hair thinning and hair loss, even in women! Men aren’t the only ones with this problem. Here are the products I’ve found that help: Nutrafol Women $80 – This is a supplement to be taken orally. The recommended dose is 4 pills per day. This provides the […]