Who I Am

My name is Carrie and I’m 43. I research & test many of the latest cutting edge anti-aging treatments, procedures and products. I am also the founder of PellSkincare.com.

My goal is to turn back the clock on my own skin & body and to help others do the same.

Filter Through The Sea of Beauty Information – The world of anti-aging products & treatments is an overwhelming sea of information. Most companies are making millions selling cheap, ineffective products & treatments. It’s difficult to navigate all of the different options and determine which products & treatments are the best use of your time & money. People are limited on how many products and treatments they can try. With the wrong information you can lose valuable time & money on ineffective, weak solutions.

My goal is to clear the confusion for you & help you understand where your money & time should be going in the quest for youthful skin and a youthful body.